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They include presses for installing, removing and inspecting wheelsets. Establishing the depth of the damage enables rail processing to be controlled with greater efficiency, and a subsequent assessment of the quality of the work can then be made. Alstom France – Saint-Ouen Hall 3. Die Fahrzeuge mit einer Spurweite von 1. Using this new system water from the washing basin can be recycled for flushing the lavatory, which saves up to 0. Tunnelinspektions-Fahrzeug der Baureihe India – Bangalore Hall 6.

InnoTrans – Innovations

Torque settings are monitored electronically and are shown on a display. The project is focused on developing a latent heat accumulator in combination with an intelligent operating strategy for waste heat recovery.

This uses a UHF radio link, a method that has been adopted by selected countries for increasing the throughput for heavy f reight. Of the methods presented above, LOPA is by far the most commonly used by large industrial facilities. They include radar technology and 3-D laser scanning which collects vast amounts of data from various angles.

List of EN standards

They have also supplied Kawasaki in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a highly efficient welding system line for manufacturing corrugated panels. Forster Metallbau Gesellschaft m.

Other features include the raised symbols, which can be optionally illuminated and, as an additional option, the fn tones for the visually impaired. It is cheap to install because there is no wiring and the device can be attached to a mast or incorporated in existing columns.

Safety integrity level

Tschechische Republik – Prag Halle 6. Goratu Maquinas Herramienta, S. The axle dowhload feature predictive maintenance of field devices and automatic adjustment for installing and commissioning. Der Aussteller verweist auf seine hoch qualifizierten und international erfahrenen Mitarbeiter.

KG Deutschland – Arnsberg Halle 7. China – Beijing Hall 23, Booth Contact: I have set values for other options as it makes sense to me.

Netherlands – Sneek Hall 21, Booth Contact: It covers planning and dispatch, operational control, ticketing and passenger information, all the way to final controlling.

The locks and their components are compatible with each other and can be incorporated into practically any door and entry system.

I have this question too. An app for the mobile client assists the driver by allocating services and timetables as well as a communication platform.

The latest advances include a number of outstanding features. This company, based in St. The transponder derives energy from electromagnetic induction and conducts wireless measurements. Staff safety has the utmost priority in railway maintenance depots. The Rapid Box makes these tasks a lot cheaper and quicker to deal with. For example, in January a fully automatic press for cold mounting of wheelsets was installed in the Trenitalia depot in Voghera. The low-vibration, petrol engine operated machine is ergonomically designed.

A solid state disk with a storage capacity of up to one terabyte can be used to hold documents and pictures as well as audio and video files, which can also be made available offline. The Saturn platform supports mixed heterogeneous configurations of SIL0, SIL2, and SIL4 modules on the same unique copper cable or fibre optic-based communication network, and is fully compliant with the EN standard.