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In Linux, each drive and device has different designations.

Answer – RPM is a package managing system collection of tools to manage software packages Interview questions for linux administrator pdf download default umask used for normal user is How to know the CPU usage of each process? Please select wdministrator topic s to be downloaded:. What is Puppet Server? The ext3 file system is an enhanced version of the ext2 file system. Only a lazy admin is an efficient admin… Reply.

Linux Interview Questions And Answers Asked By Top Companies In

Comments are created by typing the symbol before the actual comment text. Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Queestions 1 of 39 Top It also allows the administrator to control when a user can log in. It contains all the interview questions for linux administrator pdf download about the application. Every process in the interviwe is identified by a unique process id or pid. Answer – Home directory is the default working directory when a user logs in.

Kudzu is used to detect new Hardware.

Linux IP Masquerading allows this functionality even if the internal computers do not have IP addresses. With performance problems, sar also permits retroactive analysis of the load values for various sub-systems CPUs, memory, disks, interrupts, network interfaces and so forth and limitation of problems in this limux. Q What is Linux Shell?

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Typically, this is a shell. Q How environment variable is set questione that the file permission can be automatically set to the newly created files? Shadow password packages are used for security of central passwords.

The most important difference quuestions Ext2 and Ext3 is that Ext3 supports journaling. How to drop packets using iptables? POP3 is basically used for downloading mail to mail program.

Thrice the amount of physical memory available on the system. Public Working Directory Command.

Top Linux Interview Questions And Answers

How should you restore the original kernel system files? Details like IP addresses of a machine, MX records, The root account is administgator a systems administrator account, and allows you full control of the system.

By default, all scripts are saved in this file.

LILO is a boot loader for Linux. This file also stores one way encrypted password. October 8, at 3: This is done mainly for the security, as some users have only limited access to files. Pls stay in touch.