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As it used to be: Train number, please read the notes below: Transport to and in Malaysia. Padang Besar is where Malay trains connect with Thai trains. The islands are a part of the state of Kedahwhich langkawi travel map pdf download adjacent to the Thai border. Access to mainline trains: It’s a 3-star hotel with a proper restaurant and good AC!

Map of Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian train bookings usually open 30 days before departure. However, if you need information, you can email callcenter ktmb.

For details see Lee Carter’s excellent blog and information page, global-goose. The are daily flights from Kuala Lumpur lanngkawi Kota Bharu, but you langkawi travel map pdf download also opt to take the bus or even the adventurous jungle train.

In other words, it isn’t cheap, but you certainly won’t regret taking this train! Wikimedia Commons has media related to Langkawi.

Free Singapore Guide – Download Your Singapore PDF File

It’s possible to take this Jungle Line from KL or Singapore to Khota Bahru, then a bus or taxi to the frontier, walk across the border into Thailand to Sungai Kolok railway station, and take a train to Bangkok but see the security warning. Cars are langkawi travel map pdf download, with bays of seats either side of the aisle.

Sadly, in Singapore it seems they know the travep of office blocks and shopping centres but not of city centre railway connections!

However, a causeway linking Singapore with Malaysia was built in and the railway was extended across it, finally allowing trains to run direct between Singapore and mainland Malaya. Train number, see the notes below: By using this pdc, you langkawi travel map pdf download to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You pay online by credit card and print out your own ticket.

They are air-conditioned and have toilets but obviously there’s no catering so bring your own food and drink. Taking this advice can save you quite a lot on each trip compared to using your normal high-street bank credit card! Type of train or class, see explanation above:. Where to stay in Penang. Then langkawi travel map pdf download out your itinerary using a simple spreadsheet like thisdeciding where and for how long you want to stop off. If there are seats still available as there usually areyou langkawi travel map pdf download buy tickets right up until the train leaves.

Retrieved 21 December Above rightyou get a good view of the old station as you pass it on the metro. Butterworth – Padang Besar Komuter trains. Feedback or photos from travellers making this connection would be welcome. If you’d rather go by taxi, see option 3 below. You’ll find a lot of out-of-date information online.

You can of course buy tickets at stations as you go, keeping your options open. SK station does not have a left pd desk, probably owing to security concerns. For the independent traveller, I have no hesitation in recommending either langkawi travel map pdf download Lonely Planets or the Rough Guides. Only four of the 99 islands are inhabited: