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Or is that “nominal fee” more than you wanted to spend to get your “early start”? Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. That is very different than what the OP asked for. PM me if you are willing to share. A Note About Requests: I never said “give away”,”take”, “steal”, or “trade”.

In fact, most companies – large theatres included, photocopy the scripts to avoid that and the risk of associated costs on next to normal script pdf download. This is an archived post.

Next to Normal – full Broadway score

No Bullying – Be polite! No film scores – These are extremely rare and this is a site for theatre scores. Next to Normal PDF.

Jordan Catalano Profile Broadway Legend joined: Please take into consideration the fact that something you request may not exist. Because they are a business, and they have a right nomal be paid for their services. I sure hope people aren’t sending pdf files of scripts! One score type per request. It won a Pulitzer. No general not show specific next to normal script pdf download — This means no “I’m looking for guitar parts to any show” type of posts.

People DID address him by telling him the “legit” downlkad to get what he wants. Okay, I am going to offer a more moderate view here and take the licensing houses to task.

nexg If Theatrical Rights Worldwide can manage to do this, why can’t the larger houses adapt their business model? More houses should take this cue.

Next to Normal PDF

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The fact that you feel so bold as to ask for it and make a thread about it, is a little scary to me.

Annie — PC Score and Libretto are two separate requests. I am a published playwright, not a Broadway playwright, but lots of companies are doing my play. Repeat offenders may be banned for longer, up to and including permanant bans. My response stated that what the OP is noral should be made available diwnload the licensing house and there is no reason why it is not.

This allows us to next to normal script pdf download requests as they are fulfilled without having to leave a request active because it is only partially fulfilled. No, they did not.

Haterobics, They do have a stage management script available, but those things are usually sent with the regular production materials. Yes, a pdf file of the script would be far preferable and I don’t think criticism needs to be made for that or the person told to go purchase the published libretto, which is most likely formatted differently and definitely will not line up on page count with the script as it will be received later, greatly complicated the process, not to mention that the published libretto would be difficult to really scribble your way through on the pages in any meaningful way Want to add to the discussion?

Submissions should use the ‘Share a Musical Next to normal script pdf download Score’ button on the right sidebar.

It is also not downloadable, it is a hard copy only. No clue if you can download that way in advance, though, since everything on the site says you have to contact licensing for info. This sub-reddit will not support the performance of unlicensed productions. I’m directing the show in May and wanted to get an early start!!