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The client with hyperemesis gravidarum is at risk for developing: The priority intervention for this client is: The client fails to receive an itemized account of his bills and services received during his hospital nclex-rn exam cram practice questions pdf download.

The rationale for administering leucovorin calcium to a client receiving Trimetrexate is to: To help her maintain sufficient nourishment, practicr nurse should: The nurse is assisting the physician with removal of a central venous catheter.

A client with a total knee replacement has a CPM continuous passive motion device applied during the post-operative period.

A client with pracitce asks the nurse if she will still need to take thyroid medication during the pregnancy. The next action the nurse should take is to:.

Pork chop, creamed potatoes, corn, and coconut cake. The client who arrives with a large puncture wound to the abdomen and the client with chest pain. Her level of consciousness is such that she is in a trancelike state. The nurse is assigned to care for the client with a Steinman pin. Which response would be best?

NCLEX-RN Exam Cram: Practice Exam and Rationales | Quick Answers | Pearson IT Certification

The urinary output has been ml during the last hour. Fractures include the pelvis, femur, and ulna. A year-old African American male is admitted with sickle cell anemia. Which toy is best suited to the client? Ask the client to cover her mouth when she coughs.

Fetal development depends on adequate insulin regulation. He is engaged to be married and is to begin a new job upon graduation.

The client recently lost his job as a postal worker. Which information in the health history is most likely related to the development of plumbism? Visual disturbances can be corrected with prescription glasses.

NCLEX RN Board Review Questions and Practice Tests

The nurse is assessing the client with a total knee replacement two hours post-operative. A client who is admitted with an above-the-knee amputation tells the nurse that his foot hurts and itches.

The nclex-rn exam cram practice questions pdf download can be charged with:. Which long-term plans would be most therapeutic for the client?

While assessing the postpartal client, the nurse notes that the fundus is displaced to the right. The client has an order for sliding scale insulin at hours and Lantus insulin at the same hour.

The nurse wears gloves to monitor the IV infusion rate. The most appropriate initial action would be to:. The registered nurse is making assignments for the day.

An expected side effect of magnesium sulfate is:. Which of the following findings is most likely related to the diagnosis of leukemia? The nurse is monitoring the progress of a client practic labor. The nurse is responsible for performing a neonatal assessment on a full-term infant.

NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Exam Cram, 4th Edition | Pearson IT Certification

The nurse is changing the ties of the client with a tracheotomy. The nurse will expect the neonate to be:. Whether the client was using a method of birth control. Which of the following interventions would be of highest priority for this client?

The client with methicillin resistant-staphylococcus aureas Nclex-rm. Which assignment should not be performed by the nursing assistant?