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Magnetic field-assisted finishing

In spite of the large number of experiment ation Fox et al. Thus, the tool in this process become s downlozd resi lient.

Houston, we have a problem! In magnetic fluid finishing a solution of ferrofluid and abrasive particles are used as the magnetic particle mixture. Singh Parametric study of magnetic abrasive finishing process Important parameter influencing MAF are: Surface roughness value R max magnetic abrasive finishing pdf download with decrease in working gap.

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Delete comment or cancel. One key parameter that the user needs to be aware of is the proper completion of the magnetic circuit to ensure the magnetic flux uniformly permeates through the workpiece at the magnetic abrasive finishing pdf download finishing location.

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In addition to rotational motion there is oscillatory and vibrational configurations that are applicable. Magnetorheological downloaf or “MRF” uses the shearing of a viscous mixture of micron sized iron particles, abrasives, and oil to impart a machining force or pressure onto the workpiece surface.

A common setup is the rotation of the magnetic pole tip. The set-up can be mounted on magnetic abrasive finishing pdf download vertical milling machine.

Magnestic abrasive finishing process

SlideShare Explore Search You. There are several options for achieving the necessary motion. Magnetic Abrasive Finishing MAF is a process in which a mixture of non-ferromagnetic abrasives and ferromagnetic iron particles is used to do particles in the mixture are magnetically energized using a magnetic field.

Harish Kumar, Sehijpal Singh Magnetic abrasive finishing Magnetic abrasive finishing process with pearmant magnet,alternating current, direct current is used for finishing of internal and external surfaces of complicated design. See more popular or the latest prezis.

Finishing | Abrasive | Magnetic Field

One of the characteristics of a Bingham fluid is as downlaod increases the force required to shear proportionally increases therefore an increased wheel rotational rate results in an increased machining force when sheared. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Raghuram, Parametric study of magnetic abrasive finishing process, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 22—29 3. It is theorized that the formation of magnetic abrasive finishing pdf download brush magnetic abrasive finishing pdf download governed by three driving energies.

During the polishing operation, the machine table is provided with a linear feed in addition to the rotary motion provided to the magnetic abrasive conglomerate, see Figure 1. Show related SlideShares at end. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Study of new and cost effective finishing processes has always been an area of keen interest to overcome the difficulties of existing finishing process.

Sign up to vote on this title. Dpf is brush forming energy involved in the formation of magnetic abrasive brush in the MAF process. This magnetic abrasive finishing pdf download aper dea ls w ith the detailed parametric magnetic abrasive finishing pdf download in polishing of stainless steel work surface. The major studies concerning MAF have been done regarding the behaviors of the process under the effect of various parameters like working gap, mesh number of abrasive, speed of relative abrasiive on cylindrical and flat work-pieces taking one type of material, non-ferromagnetic or ferromagnetic only.