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Paying retail for toner when it is available at one tenth that cost is simply wasting money, IMO. Running an OKI printer has suddenly become a lot cheaper. I’ve had nothing but good results from them. I will let you know how it goes. It should also be labeled down the right-hand side when you open the lid.

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And besides what you’re describing does not apply to the current Okidata models.

Any help would be great. There was toner on the strips that hang from the lid LED arrays?

After turning oki c5150n the printer, it states “initializing”, then oki c5150n makes a loud “CRACK” such as if one of the cogwheels of the drum unit or transfer belt are blocked. When printing something that has red in it, the red will only print on the left side of the page not the right side I have used aftermarket oki c5150n for years on my OKI’s and never have had a problem. You have no idea how pleased I am about this help!!!

Feed a known thickness of paper and carefully watch the printer to see what thickness it detects.

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If so you didn’t empty the waste toner oki c5150n your oii is contaminated shot buy a new one. There are some toners out there that do not have the “Chip” that oki c5150n contact with the printer itself.

I have original oki name brand black toner and it still won’t print black. Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: I have a but i was not able to reset the Counter I’ve had nothing but good results from them. All this works on my cn. Oki c5150n would have been nice if someone had mentioned that the toner sensor in the c is the spot in the stub with the spring on oki c5150n, that holds the end of the toner cartridge opposite the blue latch. I hope this post may save one person from buying Xante.

I’ll have another play later today. Same drum problem with my new OKI C Some toner on the market is or was OK. The oki c5150n procedure for the C should be the same as for the C series.

Since a full cartridge holds about grams, I figure they put half that c5150b in the oki c5150n cartridge. If so, where can you get the chips for the C? Oki c5150n Blaymires New Zealand. They told me to swap toner iki positions but this did not change the error message. I don’t understand what device determines when a cartridge is empty. I have tried several times oki c5150n in never works. This “burned” toner is then transported via a transport-spring to the left end of the cartridge and grabbed by a transport-ribbon placed in the left arm of the cartridge into the waste toner “tank” in the toner cartridge itself.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I have a with 17, copies on iki and the original starter cartridges oki c5150n I have been refilling.

Just oki c5150n this ; http: I traded out of my and bought the c58 last year and no problems. Hi,i have a printer oki bdn and i change the toner oki c5150n on the printer screen i have toner empty and i dont know how to reset,can somebody help oki c5150n It is ok with me The only difference I noticed between the Dubber toner and the Oki toner is that the Dubber toner isn’t quite as glossy.


This toner seems to work without destroying the drum unit. How to reset the message exchange, “Maintenance. Is there a way to reset the printer to “think” the cartridge is full?

If so, rotate your document in your program so it prints upside down, printing the photo oki c5150n the right instead of left. If someone knows how to freeze or reset the consumables please let us know!!! Thank you c5150b mail a friend who knows. Please help because I want to oki c5150n them both.

Oki Cn default password

I’ve recorded the changes in a notebook and will watch how much extra toner life I c550n. Hi – Oki c5150n just tried this procedure to c51500n some color misalignment Cyan was off doing its own thing after I replaced oki c5150n black toner drum and so far so good. Tonerking tells me there is a way to take appart the drums and clean? The C series oki c5150n locks up the image drum, but I don’t think the C series do this.

You obviously didn’t look very hard. Any suggestions are welcome. You’ll need oki c5150n factory manual to recalibrate or test the sensor.

So far, I’m aware of 3 methods for emptying the waste toner.