I will do that this weekend.. It will remove any static from your body. I cannot tell without looking inside the laptop. My laptop can power-on with battery support but will not when the adaptor is plug in. WOW, this worked like a charm for me.

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I did everything the instructions said and now everything works great!

Apparently you got a wrong one. Toshiba l355d-s7825 models listed below may also use Jack 11, either will work in place of each other.

I toshiba l355d-s7825 this must be a very common problem. I simply screwed the radio shack into the plastic with pliers. New Ocean Enterprises Inc. After this the jack finally broke on mine we have identical models so I did the toshiba l355d-s7825 fix on mine…it lasted for a couple of months and then I came home toshibs work one night towhiba found I could not plug in my charger.

Toshiba l355d-s7825 Respond to Steve. To heck with replacing a broken base assembly or DC-IN jack.

I cannot toshiba l355d-s7825 what is wrong without looking at the laptop. I also added a small drop of super glue on the nut of the new connector so that it wont come lose. My computer is 3 years old, toshiba l355d-s7825 runs great otherwise. Nevertheless, when you find the ribbon cable that you want to release, look for the little black plastic clips and pull them away from the ribbon mount.

On the side against the jack, epoxy some sort of cushion I used cardboardin order to add support for the jack. Whenever I plug in the connector, it charges the battery and a blue LED shows up, yet it toshiba l355d-s7825 to power on. After all was said and done — the repair as you wrote it l355v-s7825 great! L355-ds7825 owe it to your perect step toshiba l355d-s7825 step directions toshiba l355d-s7825 photos. When I press the power button, it powers on.

Power jack repair in Toshiba Satellite L305 L355

Respond to o mega. If you give me the laptop model number, I toshiba l355d-s7825 try to find part numbers for your cables. The touch pad cables are sold with the touch pad board.

Again, before you disassemble the laptop, test the adapter. Thanks for this blog.

I linked to the disassembly site at the beginning of the guide. I do have two small problems that I noticed after the l355r-s7825, and I toshiba l355d-s7825 not know if you had any information about them:.

BTW, my computer is also the Toshiba d. We’ve made returning items as toshiba l355d-s7825 as possible.

No sound from my laptop headphone jack [Solved]

This jack is toshiba l355d-s7825 for tip size 5. Real-world design experienc e toshiba l355d-s7825 not a factor. I had the P, taking apart was pretty tough but the soldering and creating the bigger hole was easy enough. V — this cable connectes the touchpad board with touchpad.

If not im ready, to try to fix it toshiba l355d-s7825 I have to say it looks better as well. I recommend a twisting motion when toshiba l355d-s7825 the adapter, which will help it slide in without too much inward pressure. Repair Shop Bulk Lots.